Chudniv zvezdonos.....

Look at the stigma zvezdonosa, framing pink "ray", you know why he was so named.It really looks like a star, especially when all 22 soft smooth ray fixed.
But this rarely happens with zvezdonosom - animal is very energetic.Polezet in mink or nyrnet under water ray shoot and help it catch prey, push aside komya land razdvinut dense thickets of algae.Zvezdonos now inhabits only in North America, more precisely, in the southeast of Canada or the northeastern United States.

Zvezdonos very hungry and therefore constantly busy searching for food.Do stocks he does not know how and without food may die in a matter of hours.Another enemy - cold, the salvation of it - in nourishing dinner and movement.Therefore, it zvezdonosy active all year round and winter spend more time under water than in summer.But unlike other moles zvezdonosy pleasure to travel on the surface of the ground day and night.And if they are rapidly buried in the ground, prokapyvaya complex system of tunnels, as do all the molesBut these are moves in that other types of moles are trying to avoid - in the damp forests to marshes.
Man, when he was sabotaging the land, most placeholders small, stern moves zvezdonosov.Under a field or lawn at times was called a labyrinth of small movesThey often destroy the rain, soil erosion and other malopriyatnye for moles natural phenomena. And every time animal with remarkable tenacity rebuild its damaged roads underground.
But progress tunnel zvezdonosa harder to detect. It is hidden deep under the ground that there was more convenient and safer to rest, remove seed, hide from danger, they are building such moves long FOLDING land on the surface in neat knob. Paving the tunnel zvezdonosy not priverednichayut, which will lead him, but when it comes to nest, the place to choose very carefully. Usually, animals are some hills and built within a system of drains, and then spread their sukoy grass and leaves and meters. Withdrawal should be necessarily close to water, and at the far end of the tunnel animal satisfied ball expansion, which appear on the light and small krotyata.
In one of their offspring is three to seven, and they are born in early spring.A newborn zvezdonosika naked, have not yet obrosshaya black or brown wool skin and small, ranging from three to six millimeters ray in the nose.Days after ten otrastat first begin hairs, and a three-week young age, like the dark fur komochki.
Zvezdoryl is an absolute record for speed absorption of food.On the search for edible object, the identification and zaglatyvanie mole-zvezdonos spends an average of 230 milliseconds.
The secret of this agility is a special body to face moles.Hoc substance consists of 22 shoots, which Mole feel like the space in front of you.And sometimes the brain simply be failing to process information from the nasal receptors, which run past regular moles portions of food have to turn around and return.
On average, the process of identifying the object takes just eight milliseconds. In addition, zvezdonos different and very unusual structure of the teeth, which are somewhat resemble tweezers that allows the capture food with great speed.
If you're looking for food fleshy rays on the spout are in constant motion, except for two sredneverhnih, who directed forward and do not bend.
When he eats, the rays styagivayutsya together in a compact kuchku; with eating animal front lapami holds the food.When zvezdonos drink, then immersed for 5-6 seconds into the water and spout, and mustache. Zvezdonosu very lucky with its star-nosed, and we have that on Earth there is such a strange, unlike other animal.


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