The World’s Most Expensive Cars

 Even if money were not an object, many of us couldn’t justify spending seven figures on a car. When your first ride was a hooptie, dropping $145K on a fully loaded BMW 7 Series should suffice. Hey, we didn’t say anything about the low 6 figures range. At any rate, those spendthrifts probably never feasted their eyes on these four wheeled beauties:

 Koenigsegg Trevita – 2.21 Million
 SSC Ultimate Aero – $740, 000
 Maybach Landaulet – 1.4 Million
Koenigsegg CCX – 1.1 Million

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Funny Wedding Pictures

 These two are going to be late to the ceremony! 

 The classic - getting her pre-ceremony buzz on and pits shaved… who hasn't done that before?
 This bridesmaid had too much to drink.
 It looks like a very boring ceremony.

 Have you ever wondered how brides pee with such huge dresses?

Not her best angle.

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Soccer Posters of 32 national teams for World Cup 2010

To honor the biggest sport event of the year, ESPN TV collaborated with top-tier New York ad agency Wieden + Kennedy to give birth to 32 original soccer posters, one for each participating country at World Cup 2010 hosted in South Africa. Every poster symbolizes football and national tradition of the country.
These posters can be seen on such places as print ads, billboards, bus shelters, hand-painted murals on buildings, food trucks, a print insert, 3’x4’ art gallery pieces, art books, digital banners and rich media banners.

South Africa
Nigeria & South Korea
Paraguay & New Zealand
Slovakia & Argentina
Portugal & Brazil
Japan & Honduras
Ghana & Cameroon
England & Holland
Serbia & Greece
Côte d’Ivoire & Chile
Algeria & North Korea

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Craziest Haircuts in Sports

 Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers guard-forward. Another player who has dyed his hair blond. It is a mystery why he didn’t shave it all off when he saw the outcome.

 Scot Pollard, retired NBA player. The man with the most bizarre haircuts during his whole NBA career. Here with a tiny blond (or orange) Mohawk.
 Andre Agassi, retired tennis player, former World no. 1. He definitely showed what the mullet haircut is all about.
 Chris Andersen, Denver Nuggets forward. Looking like he had a hedgehog on his head, Andersen really got back the 90′s hair look with all the crazy spikes.
 Dennis Rodman, retired NBA legend. Dude had so many hair styles and hair colors that one picture is not enough.
 Abel Xavier, former professional football player. He definitely knows what blond and big means. There is no need to say anything else.
 Ronaldo, a famous Brazilian soccer player, awarded best soccer player of the world, plays currently for Corinthians. If you want some bangs, you don’t need to shave off the rest of your hair. Apparently Ronaldo didn’t know that.
 Taribo West, former professional soccer player. He was known for his unusual and colorful haircuts. So colorful they look like candy.
 Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos third-string quarterback. It looks like his top hair has simply burned away.
Tiger Woods, professional golfer. What is the deal with blond patches randomly spread over his head? He fortunately dyed it back after a while.

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