Weird Speakers for the Uber Cool

Looking to buy some eye-popping gadgets that spark lively conversations around themselves? We bring for you a collection of weird, uniquely crazy speakers that will surely make you sit up and take notice.
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Legendary Icons – Male Sex Symbols of Last Century

 Here is a list of legendary male sex symbols throughout the ages.  Since any “measurements” we’d include would be downright pornographic, I’ve gone ahead and found a nice shirtless picture of almost every gorgeous guy.  Also, it turns out that a lot of male sex symbols wear cowboy hats at some point of their career, so if there’s one of those floating around I’ve included it.
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Street children in Odessa

On the streets of Odessa is possible to meet children from different countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Prednistrove. "According to official statistics in Odessa around 3000 street children. But in reality it is only a small fraction of what it actually is, "says Tatiana Semikop, head of criminal police responsible for the children of Ukraine. No one can tell the exact number of street children living on the streets of Ukraine, but one thing is for sure - the third wave sweeping the country besprizornichestva. The first two occurred during the Civil War and World War II, but then most children have become homeless because their parents died. Most parents of today's homeless children are alive. That is why in Ukraine, a new type of street children - "social orphans".The street children find salvation from the parental aggression and violence. Together in groups, street children settle in basements, attics and sewer manholes, where they live by their own rules and laws. The price of any mistakes - life. To live - need food. To get food - need the money. Installation of such artless children receive, as soon as they hit the street. Some of them wash cars, work as porters or perform repairs. Others beg or steal. Some children end up in sexual slavery. Often the payment they receive in the form of a bottle of alcohol or another dose of drugs. Those who do not want to obey, forcing power. Adolescents living on the street, trying to brighten up their hard life with, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and glue.
What kind of offspring they leave behind? Life on the street accompanied by various diseases ranging from bronchitis and lice, finishing with tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV. According to the organization "The Way Home, which works with street children in Odessa, two-thirds of homeless children with HIV. Homeless children are not enrolled in school not because they're stupid, but because they have nothing to wear and no money to buy books and notebooks. But more often they just do it once, as they need to earn money to survive.
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Kizhi Pogost Single-block Masterpieces

 Almost three hundred years ago the Russian inhabitants around Lake Onega decided that they needed two new churches – the old ones had burned down in a fire. It was decided that the island in the middle of the lake, Kizhi, would be the ideal place for their new place of worship. So began the construction of a pair of what have become two of the oldest exclusively wooden churches in the world. All who see them agree - they are multi-story, mutli-cupola, single-block masterpieces.
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The Golden Globes Most Awkward Moments

Awkward moments
Find out why Liz Taylor's 2001 Golden Globes appearance had folks talking & more.
Awards show season. So glitzy, so glamorous—and for the unfortunate few, a truly awkward experience. (Here are a few moments from last night, in case you missed it.) The stakes are always higher at the Golden Globes, where the alcohol flows freely. (Ok, this didn’t happen at the Golden Globes, but it was too good not to include). Let’s review the most awkward moments of all time from the Golden Globes.
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Bullets Can Not Only Kill

USB flash drive.
The human imagination is limitless and the evidence are gadgets and pribambasiki that are made in the form of bullets.
Most likely Photoshop, but the headphones turned interesting.
USB speakers with a backlight.
USB flash drive.
Ballpoint pen.
Stand for pens made in the form of a revolving drum.
Pencil Sharpener.

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New Miss America crowned in Vegas

She's the youngest winner of the crown & first from her state to win after beating out 52 other women.
Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan is crowned Miss America 2011
on Saturday night in Las Vegas.
A 17-year-old from Nebraska became the youngest winner of the Miss America crown in 90 years on Saturday after beating 52 other young women from across the United States. 
Teresa Scanlan won a $50,000 scholarship and a yearlong run with the crown at the competition Saturday night at the Planet Hollywood casino-resort in Las Vegas, giving the Cornhusker State its first-ever win at the pageant.
She was the youngest Miss America since the pageant's first competition in 1921, when Margaret Gorman of the District of Columbia won at age 15.
Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady won $25,000 as first runner-up, while Miss Hawaii Jalee Fuselier won $20,000 for third place.
Scanlan, a recent high school graduate from the western Nebraska town of Gering, planned to study American politics at Patrick Henry College in Virginia after her reign as Miss America.
She also hoped to attend law school, become a judge and eventually a politician, according to her pageant biography.
Scanlan won after strutting in a black bikini and a white evening gown, playing "White Water Chopped Sticks" on piano and telling the audience that when it comes to Wikileaks, security should come before public access to government information.
"You know when it came to that situation it was actually based on espionage, and when it comes to the security of our nation, we have to focus on security first and then people's right to know, because it's so important that everybody who's in our borders is safe and so we can't let things like that happen and they must be handled properly," she said.
The pageant celebrated its 90th anniversary this year.
A group of 53 beauty queens came to Sin City hoping to become the next Miss America. 
Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan walks in the "Show Us Your Shoes" parade 
as part of Miss America festivities on Friday.
Just five contestants were asked questions during the interview portion of the show after 10 showcased their talents at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
Those questioned were Scanlan; Fuselier, Eady, Miss Washington Jacquie Brown and Miss Oklahoma Emoly West.
The questions ranged in topics from health care to Wikileaks, the website.
That means the eliminated after the talent portion were Miss Arizona Kathryn Bulkley; Miss California Arianna Afsar; Miss Delaware Kayla Martell; Miss Virginia Caitlin Uze, and Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent.
Miss Texas Ashley Melnick and Miss New York Claire Buffie were dropped when the final 12 were trimmed to 10.
Fans earlier voted in Miss New York and Miss Delaware.
And in a first-ever twist for the contest, the young women picked two finalists themselves, Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent and Miss Oregon Stephenie Denise Steers.
The contestants — from every state plus the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico — started the show by dancing up the aisles at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas while wearing silver cocktail dresses.
In her introduction to the audience, Bulkley dedicated her performance to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head last week in Tucson. Bulkley called Giffords her mentor.
The finalists strutted across the stage in black bikinis, while a panel of seven judges eyed them for looks and fitness. The competition also includes evening gown, talent and interview portions, with eliminations along the way.




The Politics of Presidential Fashion

Presidential style
Like their policies, the fashion sense of the leaders of the free world has long been scrutinized. Just ask President Barack Obama, who was recently caught in a presidential-style first while on vacation. From George W. Bush to JFK, we take a look at unique presidential styles, past and present. 
Barack Obama
Despite recent flack for a perhaps poor fashion choice, President Barack Obama is one of the most stylish presidents of recent time (not to mention his wife). As proof, he topped this list.
 The president’s power suits are custom made and his shoe of choice is pricey. But even the trendiest are bound to have slip-ups. Remember the “dad jeans” incident? Check out photos.
Bonus: He was named president of a famous publication.  
George W. Bush 
George W. Bush, the country’s 43rd president, has been known for a certain neckwear. He wore the same type of clothing for five of these annual addresses  (watch clips) as well as news conferences and events (see photos).
 Bonus: Bush once co-owned a professional baseball team.  
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton, who was the third-youngest president, graced the cover of Esquire magazine twice, creating one of the most iconic images of a president to date (it was later recreated by actress Halle Berry).The 42nd president of the United States wore a sleek black suit and tie when he walked his daughter down the aisle over the summer.
Bonus: What’s his special talent?
 George H.W. Bush
Yale graduate and 41st President George H. W. Bush was rarely seen by the public without a modern, conservative suit, typically in navy blue with a white shirt (see photos of his fashion).The former president was also well known by his rep-stripe fabric watchbands. But his recent appearance at a certain event suggests the 75-year-old has higher fashion aspirations (what he wore).
Bonus:What did Bush do before he became president? 
Ronald Reagan 
Actor turned 40th President Ronald Reagan brought a little bit of Hollywood with him to the White House. He reportedly used the same tailors who dressed him during his movie-making days. Rather than the typical dark suit of presidents past, the “Kings Row” star favored brown suits, with no flaps over the jacket pockets, a style and color more at home on the posh streets of Los Angeles than in the country’s capital (see photos).
Bonus:The country’s most famous Republican almost wasn’t.  
Jimmy Carter
As the country’s 39th president, Jimmy Carter worked hard at creating a “regular wage-earning guy” persona. His casual fashion and inexpensive polyester-blend suits helped him make a political statement about his “of-the-people administration” (see photos).
 Bonus:What did Carter do before he became president? 
Gerald R. Ford
Gerald R. Ford (see photos), the 38th president of the United States, actually worked in the fashion industryBetty Ford, who worked as a model and fashion scout herself, is currently on display.  before beginning his political career.The style of the former president’s wife,
Bonus:How did Ford become the only president and vice president not elected to either office? 
Richard M. Nixon 
Historians largely blame Richard Nixon’s 1960 presidential loss on his televised debate with the younger, more suave John F. Kennedy. People saw an older man wearing a gray suit that blended into the background next to a more vibrant Kennedy (see photos and watch the historic debate).When he was finally elected president in 1969, Nixon’s choice to dress the White House police in snazzier uniforms, which included epaulets and fashionable caps, was widely ridiculed. The idea was eventually abandoned and the uniforms donated to a more suitable group.
Bonus:Nixon was named after a king.  
Lyndon B. Johnson
The 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson, brought Texas style to the Oval Office.Though he spent the majority of his days in finely tailored suits, the swaggering Texan and self-described “president of all the people” could often be seen wearing Western-style suits, cowboy boots and hats (see photos).
Bonus:What did Johnson do before entering politics? 
John F. Kennedy 
Never mind Jackie, 35thPresident John F. Kennedy is the leading political trend-setter. Known for his dashing good looks, Kennedy’s casual country club chic  was revered (see photos).His formal attire included custom-made shirts and modern skinny ties.  Kennedy is also credited for popularizing a more streamlined, slightly cinched-at-the-waist suit, rather than the shapeless, boxy styles of the late 1950s (see him in suits).
Bonus:In high school, Kennedy was voted “Most likely to …”

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Clever 'Star Wars' image for NFL matchup

Picture: New York Post's brilliant 'Return of the Jet-I' cover
The New England Patriots have won every off-field battle with the New York Jets this week. Bill Belichick played it cool while Rex Ryan ranted, Tom Brady(notes) looked classy in light of Antonio Cromartie's(notes) profanity, and Wes Welker(notes) managed to make fun of the Jets' coach for an entire press conference without once saying his name.
[Rewind: Philly paper's controversial Vick headline]
But while the Jets may be losing the battle of the press conferences, the New York media is picking up the slack in the war of the front pages. Witness the New York Post's brilliant (yes, brilliant) Return of the Jet-I cover, which fronted a 16-page pullout section of Friday's edition:
I know as much about "Star Wars" as Antonio Cromartie does about family planning, but here's the list of players-turned-characters:

(clockwise from center)

-- Bill Belichick as Darth Vader

-- Patriots logo as the Death Star (with Jets' planes crashing into it)

-- Joe Namath as Yoda

-- Rex Ryan as Han Solo

-- Michele Ryan as Princess Leia (in her infamous slave outfit)

-- Mark Sanchez(notes) as Luke Skywalker

-- Nick Mangold(notes) as an Ewok

-- Darelle Revis as Obi-Wan Kenobi

-- Various Patriots players as stormtroopers

-- Tom Brady as ... Tom Brady? (How did they miss the opportunity to turn he and his flowing mane into Chewbacca?)

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Are men more romantic than women?

Why men are more romantic than women
Wives are likelier to see their marriage in practical terms, one expert finds.
In a scene from the new movie, "No Strings Attached," a young woman chastises a man for breaking their no-romance code by showing up at her work with a balloon. Uncontrollable urges of chivalry? Sounds like a romantic comedy myth, but it's not.  
 “Men are typically more romantic than women,” says Dr. Terri Orbuch, a social psychologist who has spent the last 24 years studying 373 married couples. In interviewing spouses, she discovered husbands were more likely to describe their wives in traditional romantic terms, while wives spoke more practically about their relationships. “When we asked married men to talk about how they met their wives, their stories had more romantic flavor,” explains Orbuch, who details her findings in the book 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great. “They talk about being smitten, falling hard; they also use terms like 'soul-mate' and 'love at first sight'," she says. "In contrast, wives talked about being very cautious of their partner when they first got together and guarding themselves from getting too close early on."
While romantic gestures may vary between couples, Orbuch's research suggests that men are more likely to uphold fairy tale beliefs (i.e. happily ever after) than women.  Her research is virtually identical to the results of a survey of 21,000 men and women by the psychological testing site Queendom. In response to questions on love, men were slightly more romantic in their description, using expressions women avoided, like "destiny" and "love conquers all". "Most men have an unappreciated romantic streak," said study leader Ilona Jerabek, PhD, in a statement. "You just need to understand where they are coming from to appreciate it."
Where they’re coming from is another culture. In the guy code, compliments are harder to come by and conversations about deep emotions aren’t as widely accepted. “Men don’t get the same amount of affirmations as women from their friends and family,” explains Orbuch. “They rely on the positive feedback they get in their relationship for their overall mental well-being.” One study by a Wake Forest Psychology professor even suggested men feel physically better when they're in a relationship. That may explain why men may embrace their partners as soul-mates—they satisfy a unique emotional and physical need that's harder for them to come by.
Another theory is that men are more prone to love at first site and falling fast because their brains are hard-wired to have stronger reactions to certain visual cues. In MRI scans, women showed less activation than men in the area of the brain that controls emotions when shown the same visual cues. In other words, when women see something they like, they proceed with more caution. In love song terms, if men are singing James Brown's "I Feel Good," women are singing Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know?"
But if men are so romantic, how come they've gotten such a bum rap?  It may all boil down to a misunderstanding. “Women relate to words, so they want to hear men say how they feel over and over,” says Orbuch.  “Men relate to behaviors, so they're more likely to show their feelings through actions. In the end, there’s a mismatch between the two.” To remedy this, Orbuch suggests couples come to an understanding about their own gender limitations and needs. Women may say 'I love you,' but men may express those three words with simple actions like filling the car up with gas or driving out of their way to pick a woman up. Reading between the lines can simmer arguments or feelings of neglect.
Of course, not all men, or relationships, are alike. "It's important to know what your personal romantic needs are," says Orbuch. Her six-question self-assessment test is a good starting place to measure your own RQ, or romantic quotient.
Question 1: True / False -- I believe in love at first sight.

Question 2: True / False -- I fall in love easily, and when I do, I fall hard.

Question 3: True / False -- I believe there is a perfect soul-mate out there somewhere for me.

Question 4: True / False -- If I don't have passionate feelings for someone right away, chances are s/he's not "the one."

Question 5: True / False -- No matter what challenges life presents, love can conquer all.

Question 6: True / False -- When you're truly in love, passion never fades; it can last forever.

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Stars React to Nominations

2011 Golden Globe Noms Reactions
 Let award season begin! The 2011 Golden Globes nominations were announced Tuesday morning. (Click here for a complete list of noms.) So while these celebs got the call that they're in the running, we're sure they didn't mind the early morning wake-up call. Keep clicking to see what stars like James Franco, Natalie Portman,
Ryan Gosling and more had to say about their nods!

I'm very honored by the HFPA nomination, and to be included in this group of actresses I so admire. The experience of filming 'Black Swan' with Darren Aronofsky and our incredible crew is already the most fulfilling experience of my career. The audience appreciation of the film is only furthering how grateful and proud I am to be part of the film." -- Natalie Portman, nominated for best dramatic actress in a motion picture for "Black Swan," which is also nominated for best dramatic movie
My morning is extra fantastic! A month ago this movie was on the shelf and I wasn't so sure it was going to see the light of day. Now this good news has come and it means we have a greater chance of opening wide in the new year. Recognition like this plucks it out of the melee of movies that is out there and makes people take notice. And I happen to think there's still a place for
To be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor and boy was I ready for some good news!" -- Michael Douglas on his best supporting actor nomination for "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
The phone wouldn't stop ringing so I finally picked up. When you're half-asleep and the phone rings and it's pitch black outside you think the worst. I automatically assumed somebody got hurt. ... The fact that ['Black Swan'] is being recognized in this capacity, is something I don't think anyone ever expected." -- Mila Kunis, on being nominated for best supporting actress for "Black Swan," which is also nominated for best dramatic motion picture
Thank you to everyone at The HFPA. It's a great thrill to be honored for this performance. I believe Richard made a lovely movie, and I am really happy for the film to be recognized. I share this with Rosamund, Dustin and all the cast and crew, who were a joy to work with." -- "Blue Valentine" star Ryan Gosling, on his best actor in a dramatic motion picture nomination
Oh my g-d!!!! So excited, happy, thrilled, and thankful this morning:) What amazing news!! So happy for our show, Jane, matt & chris too!!!!" -- Lea Michelle, on her best supporting actress in a TV comedy or musical nod, as well as her co-stars nominations
I'm so honored to be nominated for a Golden Globe. Working on 'Modern Family' is truly the best job and to be recognized for my work is such a gift." -- Sofia Vergara, on her best supporting actress nod for "Modern Family," which is also nominated for best TV comedy or musical
This nomination is an honor and I am thrilled to share it with my friend, my co-conspirator, and my favorite dance partner, Ryan Gosling. Thank you so much to The Hollywood Foreign Press, The Weinstein Company and of course to the inestimable Derek Cianfrance, whose vision led and sustained us all." -- "Blue Valentine" star Michelle Williams, on her best actress in a dramatic
I want to thank the HFPA for recognizing our song 'Bound to You'. It is a ballad Sia and I wrote from the heart and one that I am extremely proud of. I am thrilled that our film 'Burlesque' was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Making this movie was a life changing experience and I couldn't be more pleased that the Foreign Press has recognized the hard work the cast
I'm truly grateful to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign press for this film, and euphoric to be in the company of so many of my colleagues." -- Colin Firth on his best actor in a dramatic motion picture nod for ""The King's Speech
"It took more than four years to get our little movie off the ground, and to be recognized for my work in a film that means so much to me is truly such an honor. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for your continued support." -- Nicole Kidman, on being nominated for best actress in a dramatic motion picture for "Rabbit Hole
What an exciting morning for our film, especially when you consider what a terrific year it was for movies. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this honor and also for recognizing Mark, Melissa, Christian and David's great work. I am deeply proud of the film and to be honored for it is icing on the cake." -- Amy Adams, on being nominated for best supporting actress in a movie for "The Fighter," which is also nominated for best dramatic movie
"what could be better than celebrating 2 golden globe noms for #TANGLED with @ZacharyLevi, directors byron and nathan and co in melbourne?!?" -- Mandy Moore, on "Tangled"'s best original song and best animated movie nods via Twitter
"OMGG! I can't believe it! Am I awake? OUCH! Yes, I'm awake! I'm going to obnoxiously tackle everyone I see today!" -- Chris Colfer, on his best supporting actor nod and "Glee"'s whopping five total nominations
"'30 Rock' is back, bigger and better than ever! We are very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press." -- "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin, on his best actor in a TV comedy or musical nod and the show's best TV comedy or musical nomination
"I am honored to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Temple Grandin is an extraordinary, revolutionary and inspiring woman. I feel deeply privileged to have been chosen to tell her story." -- Claire Danes, on her best actress in a mini-series or TV movie nod for "Temple Grandin," which is also nominated for best mini-series or TV movie
"You'll see this Golden Globe nominee picking up dog poop in about twenty minutes." -- "Breaking Bad"'s Bryan Cranston on how he's celebrating his best actor in a TV drama nomination to the Hollywood Reporter
"I feel extremely honored to be nominated amongst such a talented group of women and I'm absolutely thrilled for our show, 'The Big C' and would like to congratulate all of the cast and crew on their nomination." -- Laura Linney, on her nod for best actress for "The Big C," which is also nominated for best TV comedy or musical series
"Playing an Australian commoner called upon to teach an reluctant English King some life lessons for me was fascinating in itself. To have it embraced by American audiences and to be so honored by the HFPA only endorses how global this story has become. Seeing a small scale project play into an international arena makes this all the more worthwhile." -- Geoffrey Rush on
his best supporting actor nomination for "The King's Speech"
"My friends and I at 'Nurse Jackie' are thrilled to be recognized for the work we love to do." -- Edie Falco, on her nomination for best actress in a TV comedy or musical for "Nurse Jackie," which is also nominated for best TV comedy or musical
"I'm really floored, and we all get to sit at that table together now ‹ I won't be sitting next to a stranger! We're in our fourth season, so to have this happen now is all the more exciting because [the show's success] wasn't immediate." -- Jim Parsons on his first Golden Globe comedy actor nomination for "The Big Bang Theory" and the show's nomination for best TV comedy or musical to
the Hollywood Reporter
"I had to calm myself down in my trailer [on the set of 'X-Men: First Class'], because I knew if I walked out I would've done cartwheels screaming 'I just got nominated for a Golden Globe' and then I wouldn't have any friends anymore. I told the hair and makeup girls, and of course that's where all the rumors originate anyway, so it didn't take long for it to get all the away across set. We're just

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