Fighter of the pack of cigarettes .

So,Take the usual empty pack of cigarettes from under.
Carefully separate all glued parts and do scan.
It is important to keep everything inside intact.

We share the scan, two separate bases, the back and front sides, the inner part.
That's what we need:

From the front of the wings are doing as a paper dove.

We attach the back of the form of a cylinder and do "chassis."

In the wings in the middle of doing elongated hole and insert the device.

Gently deploys "chassis."

Attach to the top of the stack form a cylinder in the internal part of the slot and do intertwine edge.
This will be the tail and the turbine.

Install the tail and the turbine.

Foil cone with a ground doing about the same diameter.

Insert into the body forward.
Fighter is ready!


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