Metressy. The secret power of women Matressen. Die Geheime Macht der Frauen

 women who were close to the powerful of this world and left a mark on the history of mankind.
Film 1: Concubine Sultan / Die Geliebte Des Sultans.
Roksalana (Anastasia Lisovskaya) kidnapped by slave traders and sold into the harem of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who ruled the Ottoman Empire during its greatest prosperity. Ambitious woman has achieved a privileged position to become the wife of the Sultan. Some sources accuse her of further decline of the Magnificent ports, because of its instigation of the Sultan had executed a military talent heir Mustafa, son of S├╝leyman from another wife. Roksalany son, Sultan Selim, known in history as Selim drunkard.
Movie 2 nd: Favorite King / Die Geliebte Des Konigs.
Francoise de Rochechouart-Atenais Mortemart Marquis de Montespan, mistress of the Sun King Louis XIV, in the heyday of its influence was distributing positions in the royal court. After the "poisoner of the case, when buyers zelev The Love has been named the Marquis de Montespan, the king lost interest in her, even though the case against her was hushed.
Film 3rd: Mistress of the Pope / Die Geliebte Des Papstes.
Giulia Farnese - the mistress of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia). Because of its beauty, she was known as Giulia la Bella - beautiful Julia. Using the relationship with the pontiff, Julie has provided his brother Alessandro, who later became pope, Cardinal's hat. Painting "Lady with a Unicorn" according to some researchers of Raphael Santi is a portrait of Giulia Farnese.

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