7 Celebrity TSA Body Scans

Barack Obama
 The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is catching a lot of flack for its use of body scanners at airports. While the government claims the nearly naked images produced by the machines cannot be leaked to the public, privacy advocates are skeptical. As it turns out, they were right to be worried.
Earlier today, Holy Taco received an email from a disgruntled TSA employee. Attached were seven body scans of well-known celebrities obtained by TSA screenrers at LAX. We have every reason to believe they are legit. In the interest of protecting our civil liberties, we are publishing the photos. If this can happen to Lindsay Lohan, it can happen to anyone.
Here are the body scans in no particular order. Ron Paul forever.
Ann Coulter
Justin Bieber
Pope Benedict XVI
Tom Cruise
Glenn Beck
Lindsay Lohan

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