Maritime Museum in Dusseldorf

In the only surviving tower of Düsseldorf castle, built in 13-16 centuries, today a museum of navigation. The museum was opened in 1984 and contains more than 2000 exhibits, giving full information about the history of navigation on the Rhine and the very "village Düsseldorf. The museum is located in one of the most beautiful squares in postwar Europe Burgplatz (Burgplatz 30 40213 Düsseldorf). Hours: Thursday through Sunday from 11 to 18 hours.

1. Ticket price: adults - € 3. Children and teens under 18 can visit the museum free of charge.
2. From the castle is preserved only the tower.
3.Login museum.
4. In the maps and photographs can be traced all the port development and shipbuilding industry from the Middle Ages to the present day. Port since that time has changed
5. The landscape of the Rhine. Click on a button - starts flowing water.
6. Above left - analogous to "Barge Haulers on the Volga." Only instead of people - the horse.
7. Collected historical model ships from the 3 rd century AD.

9. Fishing nets. The fish swims inside, and no longer comes up.
10. Medieval squadron of ships.

12. Left of the layout of the port, in the middle - samples of products that carry the Rhine.
13. Ship from the top - the steamer Oscar Huber, the last surviving paddle steamer on the Rhine with a steam engine. The original stands in Duisburg on Vinkekanale the museum ships.
14. Feed a rescue boat by boat.

16. Steam plant. Made in Gamburge.y.
17. Propeller of steamships installed on one shaft with a steam engine.
18. On zhe - sverhu plus set mechanics.
19. Freighter.

21. In such barges often carry coal.
22. Tractor with two barges.
23. Gen. Seaman - nezateyliv.
24. Great-great-great notebook nashego.
25. "Sokrovishta CO dna Reina.
26. Oh and such.
27. Lamp from Amsterdam.
28. Almost every museum has interactive guides and manuals. Children and adults are happy to check their erudition.
29. Steep stairs up to the restaurant.
30. Decals - is sponsoring the museum. For example - a private brewery.
31. The Germans did not miss its benefits: on the top floor of the museum - a restaurant with views of the city.
32. The view from the restaurant on Rheinuferpromenade and the television tower.

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