Sexy Kato Third Floor

The concept of katoy widely - it describes the men who exhibit feminine to varying degrees - from clothing to use as well as "women of the second type, which is used for feminization hormone therapy, correction of breast shape, removing Adam's apple and transmission operations on the genitals. Regardless of the degree of feminization katoy their sexual interests are directed at men, women and other Cato.

Katoy recognized at an early age and their "third sex" is an innate quality. Still in their teens, they get free access to hormonal drugs. Sex hormones in Thailand are sold freely.
Kato's work is usually on women's work - in the shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons. Many work in the tourist centers and entertainment - dancing in a cabaret act - such as the Alcazar and Tiffany in Pattaya, and sometimes engaged in prostitution.
Kato in Thailand - just normal thing, which found a place in the culture of the country: the cathode include many popular models, singers and movie stars in Thai newspapers often print photos of the winners of beauty contests for women and Kato. Not only in cities but in rural areas spread Kato, who actively participate in local festivities and parades of beauty.

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