The Winner of National Dog Show 2010

A three-year-old Irish Setter has won the National Dog Show this year. The National Dog Show winner is called Clooney and is a male Irish Setter.
Audience of the National Dog Show was surprised as Clooney’s owner and handler, Peter Kubacz has only been working with him since August. According to the National Dog Show winner’s handler, he agreed to work with the dog only because he exemplifies everything good in the breed.
The National Dog Show winner, Clooney trotted gleefully in front of an awed audience that was amazed at the young dog’s conditioning.
Peter said in an interview that he prepared Clooney for only two and a half months before the National Dog Show. Clooney is also his house dog and is very close to the owner; the two even sleep in the same bed.
The National Dog Show was sponsored by Purina and aired by NBC on Thanksgiving.

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