Best Remote Control Cars and Trucks

Remote control cars and trucks are one of the most favored treasures of childhood. Fortunately, just because people grow up, does not mean people have to outgrow RC vehicles. We've collected a list of the best RC products available for young and old enthusiasts. Here's our list of the 10 Best Remote Control Cars And Trucks:

DuraTrax Vendetta
The DuraTrax Vendetta ST offers young (and old) RC fans a ready to run straight from the box vehicle designed for off road racing. The Vendetta is made of easy to upgrade, quality steel materials well worth the expense. The Vendetta features track tunable oiled filled shocks, an adjustable wheelbase, adjustable suspension, a full set of ball bearings, a pre-painted yet easily customizable body, motor, battery and charger, radio, and "AA" batteries. The Vendetta is a must have for any RC collector.
Tamiya Porsche 911 GT3
The Tamiya Porshe 911 GT3 is a surefire hit among RC racers. This model car features a refined and low TT-01E chassis, with improved steering TA05 posts, shaft drive 4WD, and track ready tires. The Tamiya Porsche 911 GT3 kit requires the additional eHobbies electric starter pack, 2 channel R/C system, and Lexan R/C Paint for customized completion. An optional, highly rated Ni-MH battery pack is also a great investment in this high quality, super performing RC car certain to delight anyone behind the RC controller.
Traxxas Slash 4WD
The Traxxas Slash 4WD is a monster of an RC vehicle with innovative technologies. The Traxxas Slash features a rocker actuated, long travel inboard suspension, full ball bearings, 2mm hex hardware, oiled filled shocks, a Titan 380 motor, electronic speed control, waterproof design, thermal shutdown protection, and silicone filled differentials. An additional 6-8 cell Ni-MH is an option for the built in BEC. The combined high frequency operation and low resistance make the Traxxas Slash a great RC vehicle for young or new operators.
HPI Firestorm
HPI unleashed some of the best RC monster trucks in history and cultivated its best technology in the super powerful HPI Firestorm 10T RTR. The Firestorm features a G3.0 engine, aluminum tuned exhaust, durable 3 mm chassis, 75cc fuel tank, low center of gravity, and fantastic handling. The Firestorm is certain to live up to its name in any RC hobbyist off road adventure.
Associated Nitro TC3 Plus RTR
Associated Nitro TC3 Plus RTR is a ready to race, straight out of the box RC vehicle with refined engineering and innovative design. The Associated Nitro has a solid drivetrain, aluminum "floating" driveshaft, revamped suspension, two speed engine, specialized carbon steel rotor brakes, Kimbrough spur gears, and user friendly, easy to construct "setup gauge." An upgradable gear package allows users to tune ratios to maximize performance on the race track. The Associated Nitro is a great RC vehicle for any enthusiast.
Traxxas Revo RTR Monster Truck
The Traxxas Revo RTR Monster Truck is ready to roar, straight from the box. The truck is best described by RC aficionado's as the "pinnacle of monster truck performance." The Traxxas Revo features a 2.4Ghz radio, unique and wider chassis, great suspension, and the Optidrive Electronic Transmission Control. This truck is rated as one of the best performing RC vehicles available.
Traxxas Summit VXL 4WD RTR
The Traxxas Summit VXL is a powerful, aggressive, award winning truck created to deliver supreme performance both on and off road - straight from the box! The Traxxas Summit features multi-terrain versatility, heavy duty driveshaft, brushless, high torque horsepower, power cell battery with an second battery option to boost speed, Canyon AT tires, high rpm ball bearings, 3m speed control, waterproof electonics, and an Exocage body. The Traxxas Summit is most assuredly one of the best trucks for your buck and can outperform many RC vehicles on the market!
HPI Vorza Flux
The HPI Vorza is powered with HPI's proven design and ready to run technology. The HPI Vorza features a bulletproof drivetrain, steel spur and pinon gear shaft, front, center, and rear fluid filled differentials, great handling, ease of drivability, aluminum shocks, adjustable suspension blocks, sway bars, and fully adjustable battery box to house many options and configurations. The HPI Vorza combines the best options in speed, durability, size, aesthetics, and cost to deliver one of the best RC cars available.
Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless RTR
The Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless RTR is a great, ready to run RC truck geared with some of the finest features. The Traxxas E-Maxx is powered with a maximum output 2200kV motor, twin 7 cell Ni-MH battery packs, solid Revo driveshafts, torque control slipper clutch, oversized steel idler gear, rubber sealed bearings, cooling fan, high current connectors, 5 mm rotor shaft, speed control mount, and a 2.4GHz radio system to eliminate frequency conflicts. The Traxxas E-Maxx delivers a powerful RC vehicle for every on (and off) road adventure.
HPI Baja 5T
The HPI Baja 5T is a fantastic RC vehicle which promises an interference free radio controller, high performance, and compatibility with existing Baja 5B parts. The HPI Baja 5T is ready to run and offers nylon construction, integrated roll cage, desert buster tires, 8 mounting point chassis, rear body brace, and guards to deflect dirt and debris. The HPI Baja 5T also offers a 26cc gasoline engine certain to fuel every RC racer's dream.

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