Fast and Easy Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Deck the halls super fast with these decorating ideas for Christmas
Short on time and decorating ideas for Christmas? If so, worry no more! Here are some great ideas for your Christmas decorating that you can do in a snap. Use these ideas to quickly transform your home and give it instant holiday cheer!
Add instant holiday cheer by making an arrangement the focal point of each room. In your living room and family room, place festive arrangements on your coffee tables and mantles. In the dining room, use an arrangement on your table and sideboard.

Believe it or not, you can probably make stunning arrangements with items you already have around your home. At the very least, you'll most likely only have to supplement with a few items.
already have around your home. At the very least, you'll most likely only have to supplement with a few items.

Check out these beautiful table arrangements and get
Christmas decorating ideas from them. By using trays, vases, ribbon and ornaments you already own, you can combine these items to make stunning displays.
Candles are cheap. That's why they play such an important part in your instant Christmas decorating plan. Take this quick and easy decoration for example. All you need is a tray, some fresh cranberries you get at the grocery store, and some inexpensive votives. Voila! Instant decoration.

Or, simply replace the tapers you have in your home with gold, silver, cranberry red, or forest green to add
the holiday feeling to your rooms. Take all your pillar candles, arrange them on a table, add greenery and a bow, maybe a pinecone or two, and you're set.

Bows always dress up decorations, arrangements, and candles. Buy some wired ribbon for easy box making and decorate vases, candlesticks, and throw pillows .


Greenery is free and easy to get. If you live in the city, take a country drive and carry along a pair of wire snips. Collect branches from cedar and fir trees, magnolias or holly bushes - whatever is available in your part of the country.

Now, take this greenery home and decorate! Lay greenery on your tables, mantles, and windowsills. Add in a bow, a candle, or Christmas ornaments to complete the look.

Don't think for one moment that Christmas ornaments are just for trees. If you're like most people, you have more ornaments than will fit on your tree. Use these extras or buy boxes of inexpensive, 'plain' ornaments at a discount store for Christmas decorations.

You can jazz up the ornaments with some glitter or ribbon and then use them to decorate your home. Instead of candles, group your candlesticks together and place an ornament on top of each.

Hang ornaments with different lengths of ribbon in doorways, in stairwells or from chandeliers. Fill baskets with ornaments or lay them in greenery.

You see! You have most of the materials used in these Christmas decorating ideas. Start searching and rooting through cabinets, storage sheds, and
closets and gather supplies. Then, get to work making and creating some of these decorating ideas for Christmas.

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