Funny - 10 Hilarious Pole Dance Fails

 Girl at wedding is having too much fun for her own good and obviously is ruining the whole wedding.

Webcam pole dancing fail.

Asian sexy pole dancing fail.

A woman tries to pole dance in public but falls down.

This woman tries to do some pole dancing in her grandma's bed and breaks the bed.

Moscow was holding a championship of one of the sexiest sports on earth: pole dancing. But during the finals of the competition one dance finishes very badly.

Sexy girl does a face plant while pole dancing.

Ouch, said the wood floor.

What not to do in a pole dance at a disco!

After buying a new pole, she sets up the pole in her empty room and decides to give it a whirl. She's a little unsure of the strength of the pole, but decides to test it out with the encouragement of the cameraman. She eventually finds out how strong the pole is. Pole dancing girl takes a tumble with the pole. Comes crashing down hard, and almost smashes her laptop.

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