Funny Guinness book world records in 2010

The Guinness Book of Records registers any records even funny ones. The biggest nose, the biggest number of spoons on one's face or drinking straws in the mouth. Here are some of them.
The kid from Canada can hold up to 17 spoons on his face

The smallest cow in the world - Dexter from UK. His height is 85 cm.

The heaviest limo in the world "Midnight Rider", its weight is 22 933 kg, its length is 21,3 meters, its owners live in US.
Simon Elmore can place 400 drinking straws in his mouth.
Zhang Zhenghui from China has walked in the shoes that weigh 122,8 kg.
Xie Qiuping from China wears the longest hair 5,627 meters.
Tabbi, the Labrador from England has gathered 26000 plastic bottles for six years.
This dog from Texas has the longest tongue among the dogs, it's 11, 43 cm.
Steven Parkes from England collects smurfs since his childhood. Today he has around 1061 smurfs.
John Cassidy has created the biggest sculpture from balloons.

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