Tiny robots of famous people and fictional characters

 These tiny robots, created by Jenn and Tony Bot, may look edible, but believe you me, they are not. I found that out the hard way.
Made of  glass beads, wire and polymer clay, the robots weigh in at about 2 ounces and stand 2.5 cm tall. This Blog Rules has picked some of its favorites and put them on display for you below the jump. You can spot Jack Sparrow, Miss Piggy, Batman, Spiderman, and other iconic characters in the bunch. If you buy these and have them delivered to you, I strongly recommend not biting into them, no matter how scrumptious they appear.

 “It’s tea time! If I keep saying that enough, eventually it will actually be tea time when I do, and I’ll look a little less crazy.”
 “My suspenders are too tight. I’ve never wished death on anyone, but if this ship hits an iceberg at least I won’t have to wear them anymore.”
 “See that big, fat slob behind me? Rumor has it he’s eaten 14 baby Gungans in his day.”
 “Believe it or not, it’s not very comfortable to hang upside down for three straight hours.”
 “So, check this. I walked in this morning and caught Donatello massaging the washing machine. Didn’t realize the lyrics ‘Donatello does machines’ were literal until today.”
 “It turns out that talking robots are not a myth. Next week on Mythbusters, we drop a danish into pig vomit and see if the 5 second rule applies.”
 “Heyyaa! Kermieeee! Aaaag!!”
 “When was the last time this grass was cut? 30 years ago? Jesus, this palace has horrible lawn care.”
 “Madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!”
 “Milking a franchise until it runs completely dry? Never heard of it..”
 “I’m Harry Potter. No, really. Snape dropped acid and then thought it would be funny if he turned me into a tiny robot. Weirdo.”

 Hello, I’m Ian McKellen, standing in my full Gandolf garb. But I am not really a wizard. You see, I am pretending.”
 “It seems I forgot to send Jay Leno a Christmas card this year. That was a mistake. Yea, that’s it. A mistake.”
“Swear to me!”

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