Tips Treat: 10 tips to decorate a Christmas tree

 Christmas is all around ringing the jingle bells, and everyone can be seen engrossed in decorating the home for the holiday season. But, the prime focus for each one is the Christmas tree. And why not? Christmas tree decorating is not only a tradition that families enjoy doing together, but also focal point of home. Tree decorating is all about doing a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, and if you want to make your tree look different this season, here are a few tips to decorate a Christmas tree.
 1. Putting Lights:
Lights are the focus of Christmas decoration, so the best way to start and make your tree look appealing is making use of lights. The tree shines in shades like gold, white and blue. You can also go with all one color or have a contrasting multicolored effect.

 2. Ribbons:
Ribbons are one of the oldest ways to accentuate the Christmas decoration, and a great alternative to tinsel. Colorful and bold patterned ribbons can be twisted around for one-of-its-kind look. In addition, ribbons on tree garlands and pearls also makes for the look. French-wire ribbon is considered to be the best, as it can be bent and twisted into shape.
 3. Choose a theme:
The best way to go about it is to opt for the decoration scheme, as it makes the style statement for your decoration. You can choose color themes like gold, silver, red or pink or you can style the tree after traditions too such as the German style tree the Victorian style tree etc.
4. Pine cone decorations:
Baubles have always been the mark of the decoration. So, apart from using different colored baubles, there are different ornaments that you can think of going for. Pine cones are the sober and sophisticated way to add glittering to the tree. Metallic spray paints like silver and gold highlight the different textures of pine cones, and also adds luster to them.

 5. Other ornamental decorations:
Apart from the usual ornaments, large angels or violins in gold or white also makes a great decoration ideas. Arrange them on alternating branches and in a straight row down the tree for a better look.
 6. Jingle bells, and Santa:
Without the jingle bell, stockings and Santa Christmas is just so incomplete. Adorn the trees with the red and white themed decoration with the bells and Santa hanging around. Also, do not forget to add the snowflakes and the stockings to your superfestive decoration idea.
7. Blue-and-Gold Christmas Tree:
A combination of blue and golden is catching up fast for the decoration. A striking gold-and-blue color scheme enhances the overall look. The golden ribbon with the blue baubles is the simplest and elegant way to decorate a tree.

 8. The Moon and the Stars:
Celebrate the holiday season with the heavenly blessings of moon and stars. Make use of stars and moons for the entire decoration.
 9. White Christmas:
Of course, Christmas often brings the white season with it, so a white Christmas is a good idea to go about. The white tree looks just like feather. Golden ornaments are the best way to decorate it, however rich blue also adds to the grace.
10. Final touch:
Decorating the Christmas tree is ultimately all about proportion. So, it is important that you don’t forget to crown the tree with a star, or an angel or any other ornaments that best suits your decoration.

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