11 Unexpected Ways to Hide Your Booze

Wine Rack Flask Bra
Enhance your decolletage and get your drink on with this supremely bizarre undergarment. The Wine Rack Flask Bra can turn A cups into double Ds, all while replacing your drinking cup. This dual purpose, portable drinking device is perfect for women who want to stay consistently tipsy and busty on a budget. If you want to sober up but keep your voluptuous rack, simply blow into the tube to retain that full look.
Reef Sandals
These one-of-a-kind Dram Reef Sandals are becoming all the rage on college campuses, among other places. These flip-flop are made with a built-in flask that holds 3 ounces of liquid beverage — per foot.

Lighter Inspired Mini Flask
One of the most ingenious liquor flasks available, this zippo-inspired mini flask easily fits into your pocket and subtly holds two ounces of your favorite high octane liquor.

The Beer Belly “Flask”
The Beer Belly “Flask” Hides 80 ounces of liquid under your shirt-looks like a “belly”. You can use the Beer Belly to hold either cold or hot beverages. When worn under your clothes you just look like a dude sporting a nice beer gut.

Barnoculars Binocular Flask
The Hard Plastic Binocular flask – looks just like the real thing. Each side is an 8 oz. flask. Comes with a plastic funnel and plastic carry wrist strap.

Belt Beverage Flask
Is a portable beverage flask that you clip around your waist and can easily hide under your shirt. 

Mini liquor bottle ankle concealer
Looking for an innovative new way to sneak liquor into events? This ingenious soft flask fits right around your ankle and conceals up to six miniature liquor bottles at a time.

Sneaky Shorts
Wear The Sneaky Short’s bladders between your underwear and pants to conceal over 20 ounces of your favorite beverage. Two seperate 10 ounce bladders are hung on the included one size fits all belt and positioned to the front of your thighs. The bladders are customized so that when filled they still maintain their flat shape, and designed to follow the contours of your legs. A hose comes out the bottom to your ankle with a clamp valve and simple raise your leg to your thigh and pour away.

Keychain Flask
Whether that place is your garage, the great outdoors, or at the lake house, you’ll always have a shot of your favorite liquor with you when using our mini key chain flask.

Undetectable Stadium Seat Cushion Flask
Save money by bringing your own drinks and sip while you sit. The internal flask holds up to 36-ounces, equal to three cans of beer or one standard bottle of wine.

Secret Compartment Bible
The Good Book Flask is the ultimate place to stash your booze. On the outside, it appears to be a regular Bible, but on the inside is a secret hidden compartment that hides a stainless steel flask.

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