The Politics of Presidential Fashion

Presidential style
Like their policies, the fashion sense of the leaders of the free world has long been scrutinized. Just ask President Barack Obama, who was recently caught in a presidential-style first while on vacation. From George W. Bush to JFK, we take a look at unique presidential styles, past and present. 
Barack Obama
Despite recent flack for a perhaps poor fashion choice, President Barack Obama is one of the most stylish presidents of recent time (not to mention his wife). As proof, he topped this list.
 The president’s power suits are custom made and his shoe of choice is pricey. But even the trendiest are bound to have slip-ups. Remember the “dad jeans” incident? Check out photos.
Bonus: He was named president of a famous publication.  
George W. Bush 
George W. Bush, the country’s 43rd president, has been known for a certain neckwear. He wore the same type of clothing for five of these annual addresses  (watch clips) as well as news conferences and events (see photos).
 Bonus: Bush once co-owned a professional baseball team.  
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton, who was the third-youngest president, graced the cover of Esquire magazine twice, creating one of the most iconic images of a president to date (it was later recreated by actress Halle Berry).The 42nd president of the United States wore a sleek black suit and tie when he walked his daughter down the aisle over the summer.
Bonus: What’s his special talent?
 George H.W. Bush
Yale graduate and 41st President George H. W. Bush was rarely seen by the public without a modern, conservative suit, typically in navy blue with a white shirt (see photos of his fashion).The former president was also well known by his rep-stripe fabric watchbands. But his recent appearance at a certain event suggests the 75-year-old has higher fashion aspirations (what he wore).
Bonus:What did Bush do before he became president? 
Ronald Reagan 
Actor turned 40th President Ronald Reagan brought a little bit of Hollywood with him to the White House. He reportedly used the same tailors who dressed him during his movie-making days. Rather than the typical dark suit of presidents past, the “Kings Row” star favored brown suits, with no flaps over the jacket pockets, a style and color more at home on the posh streets of Los Angeles than in the country’s capital (see photos).
Bonus:The country’s most famous Republican almost wasn’t.  
Jimmy Carter
As the country’s 39th president, Jimmy Carter worked hard at creating a “regular wage-earning guy” persona. His casual fashion and inexpensive polyester-blend suits helped him make a political statement about his “of-the-people administration” (see photos).
 Bonus:What did Carter do before he became president? 
Gerald R. Ford
Gerald R. Ford (see photos), the 38th president of the United States, actually worked in the fashion industryBetty Ford, who worked as a model and fashion scout herself, is currently on display.  before beginning his political career.The style of the former president’s wife,
Bonus:How did Ford become the only president and vice president not elected to either office? 
Richard M. Nixon 
Historians largely blame Richard Nixon’s 1960 presidential loss on his televised debate with the younger, more suave John F. Kennedy. People saw an older man wearing a gray suit that blended into the background next to a more vibrant Kennedy (see photos and watch the historic debate).When he was finally elected president in 1969, Nixon’s choice to dress the White House police in snazzier uniforms, which included epaulets and fashionable caps, was widely ridiculed. The idea was eventually abandoned and the uniforms donated to a more suitable group.
Bonus:Nixon was named after a king.  
Lyndon B. Johnson
The 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson, brought Texas style to the Oval Office.Though he spent the majority of his days in finely tailored suits, the swaggering Texan and self-described “president of all the people” could often be seen wearing Western-style suits, cowboy boots and hats (see photos).
Bonus:What did Johnson do before entering politics? 
John F. Kennedy 
Never mind Jackie, 35thPresident John F. Kennedy is the leading political trend-setter. Known for his dashing good looks, Kennedy’s casual country club chic  was revered (see photos).His formal attire included custom-made shirts and modern skinny ties.  Kennedy is also credited for popularizing a more streamlined, slightly cinched-at-the-waist suit, rather than the shapeless, boxy styles of the late 1950s (see him in suits).
Bonus:In high school, Kennedy was voted “Most likely to …”

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