Weird Speakers for the Uber Cool

Looking to buy some eye-popping gadgets that spark lively conversations around themselves? We bring for you a collection of weird, uniquely crazy speakers that will surely make you sit up and take notice.

1. Face Melting Vinyl Stereo Speakers
 Ed Lewis (aka Fungus Amungus) has devised a truly innovative creation, by fusing speakers into the faces of “Munnny” vinyl toys from Kid Robot. The end result is a creative design mash-up of sorts.
2. Strapya Mini Tube peakers
 Marketed by Strapya World, these mini speakers appear like tubes of cosmetics. Funky to the core, the speakers – available in five bright colors, stand on their caps and do not roll over when placed on their sides.
3. Black Dragon Speakers
 Sure to be the envy of everyone, this pair of imposing dragon figurines have a high-tech speaker hidden inside each globe-shaped pedestal.
4. MiniGod Speakers
 The MiniGod is a limited-edition speaker system designed to be paired with a computer or audio player. The uber-cool looking device has a tiny speaker and includes an amplifier.
5. Icecream Sundae Speakers
 Now these speakers definitely provide you with some food for thought. And literally so! Shaped like a melting ice cream sundae, these come from the house of SG Custom Sound.
6. Audiomatryoshka iPod Speaker
 These bright Audiomatryoshka iPod speakers are at a conceptual stage as of now, and were created as a working interpretation of Matryoshkas (Russian nesting dolls) by Russian designer Alex Mamontoff.
7. Fire Extinguisher Speakers
 Created by Russian modder Strannik, each fire extinguisher speaker contains two sound units with coaxial-loaded drivers and spring-connector plugs along with a themed amplifier.
8. Dutch Dead Bbudd

Designed to be your “little dead desktop buddy,” the Dutch Dead Bbudd has speakers embedded into his feet, pumping out the tunes as he sits on your desk.

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