Best zombie films

Best zombie films
In honor of Zombie Appreciation Month, we’ve compiled some of the best zombie films and TV shows of all time. Celebrate the undead this month and see whether your favorite zombie flicks made the cut.

‘Dawn of the Dead,’ 2004
This remake of the original 1978 film features Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames who battle flesh-eating zombies that have taken over the Earth. After hiding at a mall with other survivors, the stars attempt to escape to what they think is a zombie-free island.

‘Shaun of the Dead’
Shaun is a lovable loser who has to rise to the occasion when zombies take over the earth. Hilarity ensues as he, his girlfriend, his mother and his lovable but crude best friend cope with the supernatural uprising.

‘28 Days Later’
A mysterious virus affects these animals, which go on to wreak havoc on a city overseas. Jim (played by who?) wakes up from a coma 28 days later and joins other survivors to stop the creatures in their tracks. Directed by Danny Boyle, the film costars this Irish actor.

‘Dawn of the Dead,’ 1978
Directed by George Romero, this sequel follows National Guard members Peter and Roger as they attempt to fight the undead in a housing project

Columbus joins forces with zombie pro Tallahassee to survive the zombie apocalypse. They meet up with this “Superbad” actress and everyone’s favorite “Little Miss Sunshine” along the way.

‘Night of the Living Dead,’ 1968
Directed by the “Godfather of Zombies,” this landmark zombie film follows average Americans who must battle the flesh-eating undead. “Night of the Living Dead” is the first of six films in this series of films.

‘Day of the Dead,’ 1985
Set in this sunshine state, zombies have taken over and only a handful of humans are left. Military officials and these brainiacs take shelter and debate how to deal with the zombies. This is the third film of this director’s zombie trilogy.

‘The Walking Dead’
We couldn’t resist including this zombie TV show, which airs on this channel. Sheriff Grimes wakes up after weeks in a coma to discover a zombie apocalypse has wiped out much of the human race. Although only one season has aired, “The Walking Dead” has already been nominated for these awards.

‘Dead Alive’
Directed by an award-winning director, this humorous 1992 zombie flick follows Lionel as he tries to woo girlfriend Paquita. The only thing getting in the way is Lionel’s mother, who became a zombie after being bitten by this.

‘Return of the Living Dead’
In this 1985 film, Frank trains new medical warehouse employee Freddy, who accidentally releases a corpse and toxic gas into the air. Unfortunately for them, there’s a cemetery next door and the gas reanimates bodies, turning them into zombies that threaten to take over this Southern city.

Tourists travel from a major city to a zombie-infested island in search of one of the tourists’ father in this 1979 flick. They encounter a doctor who’s trying to find a cure for the undead. Only some make it out alive.

‘Let Sleeping Corpses Lie’
In this 1974 horror flick, George and Edna come across a zombie-ridden country town in this tea-loving country and are chased by police until the bitter end.

‘Land of the Dead’
This legendary film director returns with the fourth in his Living Dead series. Zombies have taken over the world and not much of the human race remains in this 2005 reboot. Walls around this city keep hungry zombies at bay, but the city is far from peaceful as residents battle each other and the undead threaten to take over once and for all.

Zombies, wearing controlling devices, live side by side with humans in this 2007 comedy-horror starring this Scottish actor. Things work well until Fido, zombie housekeeper for mom Helen and companion to her son Timmy, has a problem with his collar and starts killing the neighbors.

‘Army of Darkness’
One-armed Ash Williams is transported back to the Middle Ages by a powerful book in this 1992 film. To get back to the present he must face the zombie Army of Darkness head on. The good news? He meets Sheila along the way.

‘Dance of the Dead’
When zombies take over a town on prom night, high school students must fight for their lives in this 2008 horror film. A group of survivors manage to trap the zombies in the school gym and eventually blow it up with explosives.

‘Diary of the Dead’
George Romero is at it again with this 2008 zombie flick. A student filmmaker attempts to make a fictional horror film, shot deep in the woods of this state, but things become a little too real when zombies arrive.

‘White Zombie’
Often thought of as the first full-length zombie feature film, “White Zombie” tells the story of a voodoo master who turns a woman into a zombie. Although not a hugely popular film at the time it came out, a sequel was released four years later.

‘Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things’
When a group tries their hand at voodoo, it works a little too well. Instead of reanimating one corpse, the entire graveyard comes to life. This 1972 film, directed by Bob Clark, enjoys a cult following partly due to this actor’s presence.

‘Cemetery Man’
Small-town cemetery caretaker Francesco, played by a now famous actor, is a lonely man looking for love. He gets more than he bargained for when zombies rise out of their graves, including one unhappy with Francesco’s relations with his widow

‘Night of the Living Dead,’ 1990
This remake of George Romero’s 1968 film follows the original pretty closely. Siblings Johnny and Barbara visit their mother’s grave and are attacked by zombies.

‘Plague of the Zombies’
When a mysterious plague starts killing people in a Cornish town, Dr. Thompson invites a friend and his daughter to town to help. They soon discover an evil squire is using voodoo to kill and then control the undead.

‘Dead Snow’
A ski trip goes terribly wrong for some medical students in this 2009 film when they encounter a group of zombies on the mountain. And not just any zombies – these were former Nazi soldiers, driven up the mountain toward the end of World War II. They’ve returned to claim this from the students.

‘I Walked with a Zombie’
Canadian nurse Betsy travels to the West Indies to care for the mysteriously ill Jessica in this 1943 film. Things get complicated when Betsy discovers that someone is using voodoo to put a spell on Jessica that turns her into a zombie.

‘Planet Terror’
When a government experiment goes wrong, the result is an army of zombies that threaten to take over the world. Only a few unlikely survivors remain who must fight the undead.

‘Dead Set’
“Dead Set” was a British TV miniseries that first aired in 2008, created by this Englishman and nominated for a BAFTA award. Zombies meet reality TV in this five-episode show where fake “Big Brother” contestants must fight the undead.

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