Funny Bed

 Until a person has needs for food, water and rest, there will always be that eating and drinking designers who create furniture for people to relax. Ate, drank, - you can get some sleep, and sleep where? Properly, a beautiful, stylish, original bed. For example, in one of those that we have included in this review of unusual lezhanok.
 What is a mouse feel cornered, to sit in the dark, zahlopnuvsheysya trap to her, trusting, luring aroma slices of cheese, sausage or bacon? Well, the opportunity to experience it all on your own skin is the one who dares to lie down in this unusual bed-trap. 
Bed-horror story
 Those who are afraid of mice, but no fear of larger, and the teeth out of the terrible creatures that designers offer bed-horror story as not a dragon, not dinosaur. Fearless children certainly appreciate this invention. 
Bed garden
 Well, the bed, decorated in a romantic garden with trees, leaves and petals - a place for recreation, is intended more refined ladies. 
 I do not know, is supposed to sleep on this bed - it looks doubtful, but as an interesting art object - still all right. While certainly there are the originals, for which this is the couch-maze, more like a track for a roller coaster, will symbolize the excellent holiday. 
Beds trampoline
 Love to wallow in the hammock a fine sunny day? Consequently, and this huge bed trampoline to your taste. Especially because the copy that is depicted in the image can be placed on its surface the whole company amateur hammocks and trampolines. 
 There are beds with built-in headboard svetlnikami to make it easier to read before bedtime. Some beds are themselves torch lights. This, for instance, glows in the night, one of several colors, you need only choose one. And a romantic night with a soft glow nightlight beds provided. 
 Not a full size bed, but still soft, with pillows and blankets, and yes even a hair's breadth, as a big book with pictures. Great place for games, as well as an afternoon slumber, this bed surely win the hearts of many children and their parents 
 Now that doctors do not recommend eating before bedtime, and nutritionists are of the same opinion, - bed-sandwich will serve at least a minor, but still a consolation for fans of good food. And it is pleasant and harmless, and nekaloriyno. 
Bed had a falling out, reconciled "

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